Asakusa is one of the main tourist spots in Tokyo. If you can get away from the crowds Asakusa is an interesting place to walk around. It is one of the few places that you can get the feeling of how Tokyo was a hundred years ago. The main attractions in Asakusa are the Sensoji Temple, Five Storied Pagoda and the Nakamise shopping street. Asakusa was once the main entertainment and red-light district of Tokyo, with the infamous Yoshiwara nearby.

Places to go

Senso-ji Temple
Not far from Asakusa station is the entrance to the temple area. The first gate you will see is the Kaminarimon Gate. The gate is a re-construction of the original one which was destroyed in World War Two. On the left of the gate you will see the God of Wind and on the other the God of Thunder. After passing through the gate, you enter the Nakamise shopping arcade. The whole street is lined with market type stalls, selling all manner of Japanese souvenirs and food. After passing all the stalls you will see some large incense burners. People wave the smoke of the incense to purify their body, it alls gives your clothes a nice incense smell. Along with the Kaminari gate the Senso-ji Temple is a reconstruction of the one destroyed in the World War Two bombings. On the right hand side of the temple you can buy a piece of paper for 100 yen which will tell your fortune. It is all written in Japanese. After reading your fortune you are suppose to tie it to the nearby tree.

Sensoji Asakusa

Kamiya Bar Restaurant
A trip to Asakusa cannot be done with out a visit to Kamiya Bar. They sell the the potent "Denki Buran" a potent alcoholic drink of around 40 per cent alcoholic content. The bar has been in the same building since the Meiji Era.

Kamiya Bar Denki Buran