Just one stop from Ebisu on the Yamanote line, Meguro is a quiet neighborhood area for foreigners and well of Japanese. There a couple of friendly British pubs and an interesting mixture of international and Japanese restaurants. There is a nice park to visit and one of the more interesting museums in Tokyo, the "Meguro Parasite Musuem".

Places to go

The Meguro Parasite Museum (Kiseichu Hakubutsukan)
The Meguro Parasite Museum would have to be one of the more unusual places to visit in Tokyo. It is recommended to visit here before you eat lunch. The musuem consists of jars and jars of parasites, including an extremely long 8.8 meter tape worm taken from a sushi eater. Address: 1-1 Shimomeguro, 4-Chome Meguro-ku 153-0064 Tokyo