With a few million of people passing through Shinjuku station every day, Shinjuku is one of the major transport, shopping and business centers in Tokyo. Shinjuku station can be very bewildering for new visitors to Tokyo. It is best to at least decide first if you would like to exit the east or west exits. On the west side of the city there are government offices and many sky scrapers holding many of the major corporations in Tokyo. On the other side of the station you will find a mix of department stores, restaurants, bars and clubs. Exiting the north-west of the station you can reach Kabukicho;, the most famous red-light district in Tokyo, but also the center of many cinemas, bars and restaurants.

Places to go

Studio Alta
Studio Alta is like what Almond is to Roppongi and Hachiko is to Roppongi; it is one of the most popular meeting places in Shinjuku. It is a huge tv screen showing anything from the horse races to music video clips.

Shinjuku Park
Shinjuku park is one of the more relaxing places to visit in Tokyo. On entering the park it is hard to believe that you are in one of busiest cities in the world. Depite the entrance fee of 300 yen and the parks early closing hours it is a nice place to visit, especially when the cherry blossoms are in bloom in early April.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices
The government offices located on the west side of Shinjuku station offer one of the best views of Tokyo. If you are extremetly lucky, on a clear day you can see across to Mount Fuji. Best of all entrance is free! It is open from 9:30 to 21:30 and until 19:00 on Mondays.